Here On Earth is a creative educational project for young filmmakers/climate leaders. This is a place to learn, and it is a place to share. We want to nurture a positive relationship with the environment by focusing on collaboration, connection, and creativity. The camera has always been a malleable tool that can smoothly bridge the sciences and the arts. It can allow these young artists to create and make others see.    


Phase 1

Media skills workshop.

Dates & Times

November 14, 2020-January 9, 2021
Every Saturday, no class on November 28th
9:30am-11:00am New York
2:30pm-4:00pm London
10:30pm-12:00am Taiwan

Phase 2

Work on a longer project with a mentor.

Choose from one of the following topics for your video:
Ocean Pollution
Ocean Stories
Ocean Life

Choice of collaborative group project or solo project.


Solo project proposal deadline January 23, 2021

Dates & Times for Group Meetings

Jan 23-Apr 3, 2021
Every other Saturday
9:30am-11:00am New York
2:30pm-4:00pm London
10:30pm-12:00am Taiwan

*On the off saturdays we will open the “classroom” for chat and chill time.

Phase 3

Earth Week
April 22-25th

Here On Earth: Ocean Waters 2021 Screening & Virtual Exhibition

Premiere of Here On Earth films and International Collaborative film projects.

Youth panel discussion with guest speakers

Share your voice and respond to the films using digital creative writing tools developed by The Wick Poetry Center at Kent State University.

Phase 4

Local action, global connections

After finishing their cinema projects, students will bring their works back to communities to work with their school environmental clubs, community-based organizations, as well as our global partners to continue promoting and making changes for ocean awareness.

Partners & Support

The University for Life and Peace is a higher learning institute designated for the wellbeing of Earth and its inhabitants. This institute endeavors to bring awareness to the entity of interdependence — interdependent diversity. To take that belief into practicality, academic programs will aim at sustainability and the restoration of a healthy planet. The University for Life and Peace is interfaith and international. Master Hsin Tao envisions this as a platform to inspire collaborations among people who share the same concern for Earth and world peace.

Welcome to Chan Space New York, our first Peace Meditation center in the heart of Manhattan. The house offers a multifunctional ground floor space with classes and events, as well as a beautiful Meditation Room. Learn about Peace Meditation and Buddhism. Chan meditation teaches us to listen to silence and to learn how to stabilize our heart so that we can see our true self in the tranquility. Chan Space New York is a part of Ling Jiou Mountain Buddhist Society, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

The Wick Poetry Center at Kent State University, home to the award-winning Traveling Stanzas project, is one of the premier university poetry centers in the country. It is a national leader for the range, quality, and innovative outreach in the community. The mission of Traveling Stanzas is to bring poetry to everyday lives by fostering meaningful conversations and encouraging new voices. The program offers people moments of pause to slow down and reflect on their lives, their communities, and to participate in a shared creative experience.

The Young Voice empowerment program of Fubon Cultural and Educational Foundation is designed to encourage youths to express themselves through film-making and media literacy. The program is implemented in a way that integrates online platforms with various real-life events. The “Young Voice Award” encourages teenagers to express themselves through photography, film and creative writing. The “Rolling Film School” program aims to facilitate a more diverse film appreciation experience by providing media literacy workshops to teachers and high-school age students. Young Voice also collaborated with Taiwan Film institute, important film festivals, and movie theaters to bring more resources for its participants. 

Magic Box Productions (MBP) serves K-12 students in New York's most underserved public schools. MBP's focus on young learners, English Language Learners, recent immigrant youth, and students with special needs is a unique contribution to the city's media arts education. Now in its second decade,  Magic Box has served over 20,000 students, teachers and parents.   By supporting the advancement of creative, collaborative, and technical skills, MBP prepares young people to navigate the world with curiosity and a critical lens.

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