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Here On Earth highlights the partnership of science and art and is dedicated to deeper listening and looking which will engage participants in the richness of the surrounding waters near and far. We hope to partner with artists, teachers, organizations and creative projects that promote a positive connection to our environment.

We provide:

  • Youth film workshops

  • Collaboration

  • Space

The Hudson meets the Seine: City-As School goes to Paris!

Water separates the 5 boroughs in New York City. Manhattan is surrounded by 3 rivers and the Atlantic Ocean. The ocean controls our climate and weather patterns. How much do you know about the water where you live?

Here On Earth is investigating this question with City-As School in New York City as they prepare for a trip to Paris. By inspiring new ways of seeing these river cities through media arts and poetry, the students become active travelers and learners.

The students wrote poems to the Hudson River and The Seine through Dear Body of Water



Create an Ocean Story with the interactive poetry tool Emerge

We have gathered writing from our community of artists, scientists, and filmmakers around the theme of Ocean waters. Have a look. Engage in a new and playful way with Emerge by creating a found poem or a poem film.

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